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She Was Drugged, Raped, Fired From the Nigerian Air Force

*Detained in cell with lunatic, chained to hospital bed
*Starved for days to make me not expose my Air officer-rapist

By Egufe Yafugorhi

WARRI—WHEN the chair, Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, CDHR, Delta State, Mr. Benefit Orugbo, called me on phone, about a fortnight ago, and said that he had a spine chilling case of human rights abuse in his hands, I did not understand the brutality of the matter and almost ignored the issue.
However, it was not until Warri Reporter, EGUFE YAFUGORHI, detailed to meet the victim at an agreed venue reported his encounter with Igbobi Beauty Uzezi, an Air Police of the Nigerian Air-force, NAF, with Personal Service Number, NAF10/25157F, that the reality dawned on me.

Uzezi, who hails from Bayelsa state, revealed that an Air-force officer (names withheld) drugged, raped and infected her with a Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STD, and the said officer detained and tortured her through proxies for daring to expose him and finally got her dismissed from the Airforce.
The air-force officers she complained to and sought help before the hammer fell on her, queried why she chose to make trouble with the officer, pointing out that she was not the only female personnel to pass through the ordeal.

They detained her in a cell with a mad woman, chained her to the bed in the hospital, locked for several days without food to force her to forgo justice. She refused to surrender and was court marshaled after she threatened to shoot one of the air-force officers used to intimidate her, who allegedly wanted to disarm her.

The court marshal was a leeway for those who want her thrown out of NAF, as the case was getting messier by then. Systematically, they congested her with drugs and a physician diagnosed of critical depression disorder, CBD, paving way for her final discharge.

Igbobi appeared dehumanized when she spoke to Niger Delta Voice, NDV, and what ricocheted throughout the interview was her cry for justice. This interview, first in the series of our reports into and alleged Nigeria Air-force rape scandal is hair-raising. Will she get justice

Tell us about your enlistment into the Air Force
My name is Igbobi Beauty Uzezi. I enlisted into the Nigerian Airforce August 18, 2010 when I was 18. My Personal Service Number is NAF10/25157F with seniority of Air Craft Woman, ACW, in 19 February 2011. On 17 May, 2011, two months and 10 days after my passing out from the Nigeria Air Force basic military training, Kaduna, I was posted to 335 Base Services Group, Kaduna as an Air Police. We reported March 7 2011.

How did your ordeal start?
On that May 17, 2011, at about 8.00 pm, I received a phone call from a strange number. From the conversation, I discovered that the caller was one of our training instructors on general service knowledge during our training (names withheld by NDV). He said I should come to the Protestant Church inside the Nigerian Air Force Base, Kaduna.
With lots of conviction as our former training instructor and his claim that he was in Kaduna for a special assignment of which I do not know, I obliged his strange invitation. Getting to the church, I saw him and another instructor, who also trained us, Sgt. Hossan and my course mate, who he said gave him my phone number, ACM Bello and a woman I do not recognize.

He said I should join them to the Nigeria Defence Academy, NDA old site. I asked why I have to join them because there was Kafachan crisis in Kaduna then. He said they were going to drop the woman companion at the NDA old site and return.
He said he trained me and asked if I was scared of being with him. He said I should not entertain any fear with my course mate on the movement. I joined them out of sheer respect and having no thought of any sinister motive.

At the point they ought to drop the unknown woman, I heard Sgt Hossan tell the officer (instructor),”Oga, after we train recruit finish, e no go do something for your godson?”
Opposite the place we supposedly came was the Communicator Mess. At that point, I asked excused myself to urinate, but before I left, I overheard him ordering two wines and barbecue fish. I eased myself, came back and he gave me a glass of wine.


I took the glass of wine, not knowing he had drugged it for me. I was urging to return home because it was late and there was crisis. We entered the vehicle and proceeding a little, they dropped the woman. At the Air Force Base, Kaduna, I stayed behind the Aeromedical Hospital, opposite a branch of Oceanic Bank, now Ecobank.

Approaching there, I said I want to drop, but Sgt Hossan said they wanted to drop the instructor in his own quarters before coming to drop me. From their discussion, I discovered Hossan stays in Block B next to my Block C.
We proceeded further and Bello dropped. At JD Quarters where the officer resides, they parked opposite his apartment. He and Sgt Hossan came down discussing while I was inside the vehicle.

The instructor came to me and said I should come into his apartment to wait at the parlor while he finished his discussion with Sgt Hossan, who happened to be owner of the car we drove in. I was hoping as my immediate neighbor, he would take me home after dropping off instructor, the last man remaining besides me.


I sat at the parlor and all of a sudden, I heard the sound of Hossan vehicle outside and I made the door to go out to confirm. Immediately, the instructor rushed in, pushed me back and shut the door. I asked why he pushed me and shut the door knowing Sgt Hossan was to take me home.
He asked in Pidgin English, “U mean say after I train you finish as recruit, na your course mate go charge through you first before me?”I asked what he meant by that utterance just as Sgt Hossan zoomed off. I told him he knew quite well that it was not right for me to be in his apartment and Hossan, supposed to take me home has driven off.
I begged him to open the door, he refused and we started an argument. From the argument, we started fighting.

Battery and rape

He was beating me mercilessly, carrying and hitting on the floor. If I want to scream, he would cover my mouth so violently that no passerby hears my screaming. We struggled for more than two hours as I shouted for help. I pleaded with him not to touch me because it was evident he wanted to forcibly sleep with me. I pleaded that I am a virgin and he should not hurt me.
He said it was none of his business if I were a virgin and that he must charge through me first before any other person. I said I will not allow him rape me. Then he hit my head against the wall, saying he would teach me a lesson since I am proving stubborn. Then I fainted.

Pool of blood

When I regained consciousness, I discovered the bed I lay was soaked with water and I saw myself on a pool of blood. I sensed he has violently beaten to coma and violated me. Even in that state as I regained consciousness, he attempted raping me a second time. I was weak and dizzy with the wine. cannot explain how but I managed to struggle out of the door. Outside, I tried crossing a gutter, but collapsed again.

Medical attention

The next day, May 18, I found myself in a hospital bed at about noon. When I attempted urinating, my whole pelvis was aching severely and blood coming out of my private parts. My body was soaked with sand and water with bruises all over from the struggle and beating from him.

They led me to the toilet, but I could not urinate because of the pains the doctor told me the instructor and ACM Bello brought me. asked how and why they brought me. He said the instructor said I was having malaria and so they were managing me for malaria, but he was doubtful of the indicated condition because of the blood flow from my vagina. Therefore, he asked if I was seeing my period. I said no, but could not explain because of the pain and trauma, so he took me back to the bed.

Untimely discharge
He started asking me more questions. The medical officer identified himself as Sgt Samsudeen. I told him to give me a paper and pen. The more I was writing the more I felt traumatized. At this point, I mustered courage to open up to him my ordeal. On hearing my story, he called in two colleagues, Sgt. Uganjuwa, now Flying Officer and Flying Officer Balami, a medical doctor.

They examined me and I overheard them saying this is a big problem and wondering how they were going to hide it, not wanting to be involved. They quickly discharged me knowing I was not yet okay at all. They took me to my apartment and told me I have injections and drugs to come and take the next day.

Conspiracy to cover up the rape and battery
The next day, May 19, I received a call from Dr. Balami saying the Aeromedical Commander, Air Cmdr Shinkafi, wants to see me aside injections I needed to take. There was no strength in me at that point. I was still bleeding and aching all over my body, but because of the urgency of medical attention I needed, I summoned courage to be at the hospital, which was luckily just behind my apartment.

A passerby, who saw me struggling to walk down, assisted me to the hospital. I got there and no one was willing to attend to me. I was groaning in pains, but they said I should wait for the Aero-medical Commander. Then I collapsed again. I never knew where I was and what they did to me. I spent two weeks and three days in the hospital from that point. During my hospitalization, they took me to theatre, but they never told me what operation they carried out on my body.

They kept me secluded from other patients. I noticed that I bled for three days before they took me to the theatre. They did scan on me, after those two weeks and three days, they discharged me. During my admission, Squadron Leader Okafor, now late, was the Commanding Officer I served under as an Air Police, he came and collected an official statement from me and told me the Air Force was going to give me justice.

Warned to keep mum

After my discharge from the hospital, the Aero-medical Commander told me I should not talk, that Air Force would give me justice. Air Commodore N.A. Sanusi told me same. The late AVM Salihu, Air Officer Commanding Training Command in Kaduna and the Base Commander 335 Base Services Route, where I was serving, also told me not to talk.

Air Commodore Sanusi, Director of Air Police was repeatedly warning that I should not speak of my ordeal to the hearing of the society, including my family. Surprisingly they appointed a marshal on the incident, but they neither allowed me to have a lawyer nor participate in telling my story, except one day they asked me to appear as a witness to prove how the instructor brutally battered and defiled me as a virgin. They brought prosecution counsels and denied me access to the marshal, all in bid to cover up and sweep the criminality under the carpet.

Punitive posting/intimidation

Immediately after the court marshal, they posted me outside Kaduna in that 2011, I was not due for posting. I am supposed to serve for minimum four years in Kaduna before posting from my first service point. At Abuja, victimization started. In muster parade, Group Capt Inuwa would be asking me before everybody if my virginity was gold. He would say these people were very wicked and they can easily kill me.

He told me this not once, not twice with serious threats. He started the intimidation and threat to my life. When I voiced that what they did to me is injustice, they would say I am a fowl, they can easily kill and that nothing would happen if they kill me. They asked me if I do not know that Airforce women are officers’ materials and said that my rape was not the first case.

Infected with STD

From there, I was so restricted and so monitored that I never had a life of my own anymore. In addition, the rapist infected me with severe STD, which they never told me. They were giving me antibiotics and I started fainting on regular basis from that May I left hospital in Kaduna up until my transfer to Abuja. When I asked what was wrong with me, they would say nothing.

In 2012, they posted me unduly again to Lagos. They posted me abruptly again because they found I wanted to expose them as I had gone to Human Rights Fighters in Abuja where they interviewed me. In one of my encounters with Human Rights group, the officer and his gang called to threatened that I would die or not be alive to try the case after which I did not hear from the human rights people again.
I also contacted Barrister Okon because of my ordeal with the rape and torture and the fact that they did not give me adequate medical attention. I had vaginal discharge, swollen vulva, severe itching, pelvic pains, which they termed chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

At that point, my kidney enlargement was between 10.2 and 11.4cm because I could not urinate frequently from the pelvic pain and the sexual violation, which doctors that attended to me at the NAF Base Kaduna established. They certified that my sexual violation, physical assault and brutal rape with document reports.


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The Most Read Report On Rape Cases on a Nigerian Blog

Photo Credit: Nigeria Entertainment Today.

The Rape of A Woman in An Uncompleted Building in Nigeria is currently the most read report on cases by a Nigerian blog with over 96, 248 views so far since Oct 30, 2012 to date and still the most viewed topic on TALK OF THE TOWN BY Orikinla.

Rape is the worst crime against women. Because, it destroys the well being of every woman who has been raped. She lives with stigma that worsens her trauma. And there are several cases of the victims committing suicide.

In Nigeria, the punishment for rape in Section 358 of the Criminal Code is life imprisonment, while an attempt to commit rape attracts 14 years imprisonment. But majority of the incidents of rape go unreported and the criminals escape prosecution.

Most victims of rape in Nigeria don't report to the police, because they have lost confidence in the law enforcement agencies in Africa's most populous country where there have been reported cases of Nigerian police officers raping girls and women they are authorized to protect from criminals and rapists. A police corporal attached to Ekiti State Police Command raped a 12 year-old- girl in Ado Ekiti according to the Nigeria Standard newspaper.

Investigation by Nigeria Standard in Ado Ekiti revealed that Lasisi, by his action abused his privilege as a law enforcement officer when he allegedly raped and impregnates a 12-year-old pupil, Kemi Olawale (real names withheld). Olawale, a virgin and orphan raped twice by Lasisi around November last year is now six months pregnant.

The Vanguard newspaper of Nigeria also reported that Survey reveals high prevalence of child rape in Nigeria.
It revealed that almost 7 in 10 adult Nigerians, which is 67 per cent, think there is a high prevalence of child rape in the country, while 3 in 10, 31per cent, personally know of a victim of child rape in their local communities. Furthermore, almost 4 in 10, making 36 per cent , were adult Nigerians. - See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/07/survey-reveals-high-prevalence-child-rape-nigeria/#sthash.6gusH5R5.dpuf

The Punch newspaper even reported the widespread crime of rape is now an epidemic!
Tackling rape epidemic in Nigeria.
NIGERIA is a country under the grip of rape. Hardly a day goes by without screaming headlines of bizarre cases of rape leaping out at embarrassed newspaper readers. It is either a law enforcement officer is taking advantage of a female suspect or a teacher his student, or a guardian, a father or some other intimate family members are violating their innocent wards, daughters, sisters or nieces.

This tidal wave of rape and other forms of sexual assault are doubtlessly a shameless advertisement of the extent of moral decadence and permissiveness in the society. Indeed, ours is a country in dire need of a higher level of morality and a timely intervention of the redemptive power of relevant state agencies. More than ever before, the innocent victims of rape are in need of protection from the reach of these marauding wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Follow this blog for more reports on cases of rape in Nigeria.

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How to Prevent a Potential Rape

Rapists are predators. Period. Predators never let victims know when they will attack ... or that they literally "hunt" for a victim ... By following these tips, you can make your world a little safer. Take a self-defense class. You will get information you need and skills to protect yourself psychologically and physically.


Do not be distracted, especially by technology. Do not jog with your iPod because attackers are looking for easy, distracted individuals who look-like they are not paying attention to surroundings. The same can be said for talking on your cell phone. But, on the other hand, if you feel someone is following you, pull out your cell phone and pretend to be talking to someone because your "conversation partner" would be aware of an attack. If your potential attacker is going for "no witnesses," they might back off and change their mind. You can even pretend you are meeting-up with someone and they are already here/heading this way VERY soon. Don't say "5 minutes" or the attacker may only decide to take action quicker. If they think you are in safe hands or will be in less than a minute, they might back off.

Learn to trust your gut instincts. It could save you from being raped or worse. If you feel uneasy or unsure in anyway, it is in your best interest to get away and get help. Use your instincts and be aware of your FREEZE instinct. Move quickly ... fight, flight or freeze are our natural instincts, so be aware that all 3 exist.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Parking lots and parking garages are two of the sites that are most often targeted by attempted rapists. These men are predators, so view your surroundings carefully. If you are in a parking lot and feel someone is following you, start making noise - talk to yourself loudly, talk to an imaginary person, or pretend to talk on your cell phone. The louder the potential victim, the more the predator is apt to freeze.

Understand that your hairstyle could benefit an attacker. Ponytails and long hair are the number one styles rapists seek because long hair and ponytails are easy to grab.

Use your loudest voice if you have any doubts. Remember, its better to be considered crazy, than to keep quiet to avoid weird looks.

Carry defensive items only if you know how to use them. Remember, any "weapon" that could hurt a potential attacker can be used against you if you are not well trained and comfortable with it. If you are going to carry a handgun, make sure to take classes in its use, practice often at a firing range, and apply for a concealed weapons permit; if you carry a knife, take a course in the most effective way to use it. Remember that even an umbrella or purse can be used as a weapon against an attacker, and has less chance of being turned against you.

Yell, shout and draw attention to yourself. Attackers usually have an idea of how the attack will happen. Disrupt that idea. Fight like a psychotic cat, and yell loudly and strongly;

Yell "CALL 911 NOW." There is a common belief it is better to call "fire" than help - however many believe this is misguided, if not plain wrong. The 'fire idea" is based on the belief that people don't want to get involved in assisting therefore you should trick them into believing there is a fire. This could be unwise. Numerous bystander studies (e.g. Latane and Darley) show the reason bystanders do not help is a simple one; confusion. Bystanders are unsure of what is going on; do the attacker and victim know each other? etc. This would suggest it is better to "tell it like it is" and yell "POLICE!" "CALL 911 NOW," "GUN," or "HELP!" Words such as "POLICE" are more likely to scare the attacker and alert bystanders to the truth of the situation - Yelling "Fire" will get people's attention, but when there clearly isn't one, the word "POLICE" might work faster. Studies have also suggested this effective strategy: pointing at an individual bystander and saying "you sir, in the white shirt, I need your help now! - This man is attacking me..." Tell it like it is, and point to an individual.

Take a basic self defense course, such as Rape Aggression Defense (RAD). Contact your local police office for programs such as RAD.

Stay careful at parties and bars. Treat your drink like a $100.00 bill. Don't let anyone hold your drink. Do not leave your drink anywhere. Avoid anything that somebody gives you. It could be "counterfeited." Always hold, keep and get your own drinks. Never leave a drink unattended for even a moment. Keep your hand over the top of your drink because it's easy to drop something into it. Do not accept a drink from a date unless the bartender or waitstaff delivers it straight to you. Don't want to be rude? Who cares, just state your preferences, AND if he doesn't adhere to the waiter drink delivery, then take the drink to the restroom with you and dump it. GHB dissolves immediately, especially if its powdered. DO NOT leave your friends alone and drunk. DO NOT be left behind by your friends. Tell other people where you are going. Be aware of public bathrooms in clubs and bars. Women have been attacked in the ladies room if it is deserted.

Think and practice being careful at dance clubs or other places with loud music. Sometimes it is so loud that nobody will be able to hear you cry for help.

Work on being assertive. If somebody is giving you unwanted attention, tell them to back off. There is no need to be polite when somebody is making unwanted sexual advances.

Plan. If a rapist is in your car and is sitting in the passenger seat with a weapon to you, they will tell you to go somewhere where they are less likely to be witnessed. Whatever you do, don't follow their directions. Put on your seat belt, then drive into something stationary, like a dumpster or lamp post. The airbag and seat belt will keep you alive, and the crash will draw attention. It is better to be in a car accident than get raped and possibly killed. Stay calm and try to surprise the rapist.

Understand that Vans are the #1 vehicles used in rapes. Rapists will park next to the driver's side and, as you are trying to get in, they will pull you into the van. If there is a van on the driver's side of your car, go in through the passenger's door. If there are vans on both sides, go back to where you were and get someone like a security guard to walk you to your car. Don't park any place that feels unsafe.

Practice being careful when going into your house or car because someone could easily push you in and lock the door behind you. Be aware of your surroundings; carry your keys ready in your hand and look around you before opening the door.

Keep personal information private. Don't advertise your info verbally or on the Internet. Also, be very wary of meeting up with anyone whom you meet on the Internet. There is never a good reason to meet up with a person whom you have never met in person, or who talks you into meeting-up when you are hesitant. If you think you must do so, bring someone else, preferably a friend who is older and meet the person in a public place.

Understand vulnerability factors: According to the CDC, vulnerabilities include prior sexual abuse as a minor, being female (gender), being under the age of 18, alcohol or drug use, and predators who groom their victims into believing ...

Walk with confidence. Look up as you walk and stand up straight; pretending as though you have two big panthers on either side of you as you walk may sound silly, but it can help boost confidence. Attackers are more likely to go for those who they think cannot defend themselves.

Notice and leave identifying marks. A large bite mark on their face, punctured eyeball, deeply scratched leg, ripped out piercing etc. is easily identifiable, as are memorable tattoos, etc. Think kill. Go for weak spots like eyes (poke hard), nose (hard upward motion with the lower part of your open hand) genitals (grab really tightly and squeeze or punch hard) etc. to make sure the person's hands aren't free to punch or hold on to you and you can run for it. If you are in a place where you can't run, notice your surroundings and leave a mark on them if you can. Rapists have been caught because their victims left identifiable teeth marks, nail marks, or DNA in the cars or rooms where they were assaulted.

Bring a dog, if going to the park, beach, etc. alone. If you have a dog with you, it's like having another person with you. Large dogs are intimidating to predators, even if your pet isn't exactly brave. If you don't have a large dog, bring the small one anyway. Chances are when your little pup sees you in trouble, he'll be more than happy to protest. Predators won't usually attack a person with a dog, large or small, because dogs usually make such a racket you're bound to draw attention, which is undesirable for predators. Who knows - your poodle may just surprise your attacker when he grabs you.

Mentally prepare if you are taken by a rapist. You must do everything in your power to escape even if it means hurting yourself. Sometimes, the rapist will kill his victims to prevent him from being caught or identified. If the rapist comes in your home, throw heavy items through windows and at the rapist. Make as much noise as you can. Do not get in the car or van with them if you can help it. Jump out of a moving car or crash the car if you are driving. Look for every opportunity to hurt them and escape. Take your extreme fear and turn it into fighting anger at your attacker. Do not be passive unless you feel you have to because a weapon is on you. Never give up without fighting a battle.

Make eye contact if you are being followed by someone who you think is a potential threat. An attacker may be less likely to strike if they think you will be able to clearly identify them.

Never get into a potential rapist's car or allow them into yours if you can avoid it. Run, scream, fight or do whatever you can to keep from being forced into that car, because once you are mobile, this increases the likelihood that you will be taken to a remote location where the rapist can take their time. It is preferable to be injured and escape than to be taken to the middle of nowhere and killed.

Learn to sing. This means Solar Plexus-Instep-Nose-Groin, the four attack points you should focus on if grabbed from behind. Elbow them in the solar plexus, stomp on the foot as hard as you can, and when they let go, turn around and jam the palm of your hand into their nose in an upward motion, then finish with a knee to the groin. This may disable your assailant long enough for you to get away. Don't worry about hurting them, because they intend to do something much worse to you Do anything that can prevent them Raping you If none of this works Just scream and shout but if your in the middle of nowhere Try fighting and running to cover or higher ground.

Source: WikiHow.

Social Media Can Help Or Hinder Police

Online postings can help - and sometimes hinder - police investigations, Geoff Leo reports. Copyright (c) CBC 2012

Police Can't Block Facebook Rape Images

Pictures of a gang rape at a weekend party east of Vancouver have been circulated on the internet via Facebook, police say Copyright (c) CBC 2010

Eight Women Claim Rape and Harassment in Military Lawsuit

Eight current and former US military members filed a lawsuit claiming rape, assault and harassment during their service.

Top 65 countries With Highest Rape Cases

Top 65 countries With Highest Rape Cases

# 1 South Africa:
1.19538 per 1,000 people

# 2 Seychelles:
0.788294 per 1,000 people

# 3 Australia:
0.777999 per 1,000 people

# 4 Montserrat:
0.749384 per 1,000 people

# 5 Canada:
0.733089 per 1,000 people

# 6 Jamaica:
0.476608 per 1,000 people

# 7 Zimbabwe:
0.457775 per 1,000 people

# 8 Dominica:
0.34768 per 1,000 people

# 9 United States:
0.301318 per 1,000 people

# 10 Iceland:
0.246009 per 1,000 people

# 11 Papua New Guinea:
0.233544 per 1,000 people

# 12 New Zealand:
0.213383 per 1,000 people

# 13 United Kingdom:
0.142172 per 1,000 people

# 14 Spain:
0.140403 per 1,000 people

# 15 France:
0.139442 per 1,000 people

# 16 Korea, South:
0.12621 per 1,000 people

# 17 Mexico:
0.122981 per 1,000 people

# 18 Norway:
0.120836 per 1,000 people

# 19 Costa Rica:
0.118277 per 1,000 people

# 20 Venezuela:
0.115507 per 1,000 people

# 21 Finland:
0.110856 per 1,000 people

# 22 Netherlands:
0.100445 per 1,000 people

# 23 Denmark:
0.0914948 per 1,000 people

# 24 Germany:
0.0909731 per 1,000 people

#25 Bulgaria:
0.0795973 per 1,000 people

# 26 Chile:
0.0782179 per 1,000 people

# 27 Thailand:
0.0626305 per 1,000 people

# 28 Kyrgyzstan:
0.0623785 per 1,000 people

# 29 Poland:
0.062218 per 1,000 people

# 30 Sri Lanka:
0.0599053 per 1,000 people

# 31 Hungary:
0.0588588 per 1,000 people

# 32 Estonia:
0.0547637 per 1,000 people

# 33 Ireland:
0.0542829 per 1,000 people

# 34 Switzerland:
0.0539458 per 1,000 people

# 35 Belarus:
0.0514563 per 1,000 people

# 36 Uruguay:
0.0512295 per 1,000 people

# 37 Lithuania:
0.0508757 per 1,000 people

# 38 Malaysia:
0.0505156 per 1,000 people

# 39 Romania:
0.0497089 per 1,000 people

# 40 Czech Republic:
0.0488234 per 1,000 people

# 41 Russia:
0.0486543 per 1,000 people

# 42 Latvia:
0.0454148 per 1,000 people

# 43 Moldova:
0.0448934 per 1,000 people

# 44 Colombia:
0.0433254 per 1,000 people

# 45 Slovenia:
0.0427648 per 1,000 people

# 46 Italy:
0.0402045 per 1,000 people

# 47 Portugal:
0.0364376 per 1,000 people

# 48 Tunisia:
0.0331514 per 1,000 people

# 49 Zambia:
0.0266383 per 1,000 people

# 50 Ukraine:
0.0244909 per 1,000 people

# 51 Slovakia:
0.0237525 per 1,000 people

# 52 Mauritius:
0.0219334 per 1,000 people

# 53 Turkey:
0.0180876 per 1,000 people

# 54 Japan:
0.017737 per 1,000 people

# 55 Hong Kong:
0.0150746 per 1,000 people

# 56 India:
0.0143187 per 1,000 people

# 57 Qatar:
0.0139042 per 1,000 people

# 58 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of:
0.0132029 per 1,000 people

# 59 Greece:
0.0106862 per 1,000 people

# 60 Georgia:
0.0100492 per 1,000 people

# 61 Armenia:
0.00938652 per 1,000 people

# 62 Indonesia:
0.00567003 per 1,000 people

# 63 Yemen:
0.0038597 per 1,000 people

# 64 Azerbaijan:
0.00379171 per 1,000 people

# 65 Saudi Arabia:
0.00329321 per 1,000 people
Source: The Truth of Life.