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The Most Read Report On Rape Cases on a Nigerian Blog

Photo Credit: Nigeria Entertainment Today.

The Rape of A Woman in An Uncompleted Building in Nigeria is currently the most read report on cases by a Nigerian blog with over 96, 248 views so far since Oct 30, 2012 to date and still the most viewed topic on TALK OF THE TOWN BY Orikinla.

Rape is the worst crime against women. Because, it destroys the well being of every woman who has been raped. She lives with stigma that worsens her trauma. And there are several cases of the victims committing suicide.

In Nigeria, the punishment for rape in Section 358 of the Criminal Code is life imprisonment, while an attempt to commit rape attracts 14 years imprisonment. But majority of the incidents of rape go unreported and the criminals escape prosecution.

Most victims of rape in Nigeria don't report to the police, because they have lost confidence in the law enforcement agencies in Africa's most populous country where there have been reported cases of Nigerian police officers raping girls and women they are authorized to protect from criminals and rapists. A police corporal attached to Ekiti State Police Command raped a 12 year-old- girl in Ado Ekiti according to the Nigeria Standard newspaper.

Investigation by Nigeria Standard in Ado Ekiti revealed that Lasisi, by his action abused his privilege as a law enforcement officer when he allegedly raped and impregnates a 12-year-old pupil, Kemi Olawale (real names withheld). Olawale, a virgin and orphan raped twice by Lasisi around November last year is now six months pregnant.

The Vanguard newspaper of Nigeria also reported that Survey reveals high prevalence of child rape in Nigeria.
It revealed that almost 7 in 10 adult Nigerians, which is 67 per cent, think there is a high prevalence of child rape in the country, while 3 in 10, 31per cent, personally know of a victim of child rape in their local communities. Furthermore, almost 4 in 10, making 36 per cent , were adult Nigerians. - See more at:

The Punch newspaper even reported the widespread crime of rape is now an epidemic!
Tackling rape epidemic in Nigeria.
NIGERIA is a country under the grip of rape. Hardly a day goes by without screaming headlines of bizarre cases of rape leaping out at embarrassed newspaper readers. It is either a law enforcement officer is taking advantage of a female suspect or a teacher his student, or a guardian, a father or some other intimate family members are violating their innocent wards, daughters, sisters or nieces.

This tidal wave of rape and other forms of sexual assault are doubtlessly a shameless advertisement of the extent of moral decadence and permissiveness in the society. Indeed, ours is a country in dire need of a higher level of morality and a timely intervention of the redemptive power of relevant state agencies. More than ever before, the innocent victims of rape are in need of protection from the reach of these marauding wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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